We are Francesca, Leo, and Marco and everything started with our love for gelato.

For Francesca, it all began while she was a doctoral student in Columbus, OH. After spending six long, unsweetened years in the US looking for a proper Italian gelato, Francesca decided it was time to take the matter into her own hands and introduce the Italian gelato art to the US delicacies. She received formal training at Carpigiani Gelato University (Bologna, Italy) and refined her skills working for Gianfrancesco Cutelli at Gelateria De’ Coltelli (Pisa, Italy), one of the best and most famous gelato shops in Italy, winner of the prestigious “Golosario” award in 2012.
In 2012 Francesca was invited to participate to the Sherbeth Festival Talent Show, a competition among the most talented emerging chefs in the gelato business. She won and was subsequently selected to participate to the Sherbeth Festival, the World’s most important gelato competition. Participants were the best 40 gelato chefs in the world and Francesca was awarded the 6th place.
Francesca is now very excited to share her dedication to the art of gelato with the Austin community.

Leo is Francesca’s fiancé and he has a similar passion for gelato and healthy and natural food. He grew up in a small town in Northern Italy, enjoying homemade gelatos made with seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. After working for ten years in the hustle and bustle of Milan, he was excited to help Francesca to realize her dream and to transfer to Austin, which he fell in love with for its creativity and local spirits.

Marco is Francesca’s brother and he is a food lover too. When he was studying and working in New York, he appreciated and got inspired by the unexpected and innovative combination of flavors he tasted in the City. Marco brings that surprising flair to our gelato creations and he is behind some of the most inventive flavors you are going to try in our shop.

For all three of us, it has been quite a journey to get here, one of dedication, passion, drive, and a lot of fun! The outcome of this journey is Dolce Neve. We chose this name, which in English means “Sweet Snow”, because snow is natural as our gelato and to remember that far in the past the first gelato was a mixture of snow, honey and fruit juices. Come visit us in our shop to enjoy a truly unforgettable experience!